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Pinellas Park Shower Installation

Every member of the family uses a shower as hygiene and relaxation are fundamental aspects of daily life. At Bathroom Renovation, we believe that once you feel your shower doesn’t serve its purpose properly whether it’s worn out, or damaged, or dingy, you need a new one. Our top-notch, high-quality Pinellas Park shower installation service is available at the best price in the market.

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We take pride in our special products that improve a shower’s functionality in terms of accessibility and comfort for all the people in your family. We achieve highly satisfying results for customers by making sure we take in all the necessary information from them, such as their goals and preferences, and provide exactly what they need.

We only use high-quality tools and resources for our bathroom renovations to guarantee the quality of the output. We also have a wide array of bathroom fixtures that are quality controlled so they can last their intended lifespans and perform their fullest potential for years to come.

Bathroom Renovation offers free consultations so we can hear everything you need for your new shower. Let us help you find the best bathroom solutions for your Pinellas Park, FL shower installation project.

Call Bathroom Renovation at 727-335-2166 for your Free Consultation with a Pinellas Park Shower Installation expert!

Wide Shower Entrance

If you have family members who challenged with mobility issues, such as small children, elders, or people with medical conditions, your household will benefit from accessibility upgrades that you can add to your Pinellas Park shower installation. It all starts with entering your shower. A wide shower entrance will make getting into and out of your shower area a seamless task, especially for people who find it hard to move around a frequently wet space. People using wheelchairs and people who need bathing assistance can especially benefit from a wide-entrance shower layout.

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Most shower units are separated by glass enclosures. But we can make it a more convenient space for you if we widen your shower entrance and add high-quality bathroom curtains to the mix. On the other hand, if you want a durable shower door that can be easily opened and closed, we also have that for you. Just take your pick in our wide variety of heavy-duty and accessible shower models, and our shower door installation services are all you will ever need. Add a few more features like a shower bench and a handheld shower head, and your shower will be a safe and very comfortable area to use.

On top of function and accessibility, Bathroom Renovation also cares about style. We have a wide array of design options to choose from for showers, tiles, shower pans, and shower doors. Rest assured that you will have the opportunity to select colors, styles, and design that matches what you want for your shower area.

Handheld Shower Head

Pinellas Park Shower Installation handheld shower head client 300x282Another great accessibility feature you can add to your shower is a handheld showerhead.

Instead of moving around to follow the water’s static flow, you can use a handheld shower to focus on a portion of your body with ease. You can even use it while sitting down and relaxing on your shower bench.

This is definitely a great addition, especially for people who have trouble moving around too much or reaching above their head, like those with arthritis, joint pain, injuries, or trouble with balance and stability issues.

Shower Control Panel

new remodeled bathtub installationAnthropometrics, or the study of human body measurements, is significant in how we use daily home amenities like showers. Even the location of certain objects and furniture are a vital factor in how convenient it is to interact with them.

With that said, a shower control panel’s position is often overlooked, but it is vital in a shower area where water flows constantly, and the walls and floors can be slippery.

At Bathroom Renovation, we advise our clients to consider optimizing the position of their control panels so they are easy to reach without bending or stretching, to minimize the chance for slips and falls.

Easy to Reach Storage

Bathroom Renovation also recommends the proper location of your bathroom’s storage units. From in-shower shelving to bathroom cabinets, bathroom storage is essential.

Not only do you need a place for all your toiletries, medicines, and towels, but you need to keep them close at hand while keeping potentially dangerous things like cleaning products and medicines out of reach of small children.

Since storage units typically occupy a lot of space in your bathroom, Bathroom Renovation can help you properly layout your shower and bathroom so your cabinets and drawers can be easily accessible.

Anti-Scalding Device

It is not a rare incident that someone in the house turns on the dishwasher or flushes a toilet, and suddenly your shower gets scalding hot. It doesn’t just ruin a relaxing shower, for people with mobility concerns, children, elderly family members, it can lead to serious burns or slip and fall injuries. To avoid this problem, we recommend adding a state-of-the-art anti-scalding device to your shower system. This mechanism will balance the water pressure and control the water temperature whenever sudden extreme changes are detected.

Slip-resistant Shower Flooring

Pinellas Park Shower Installation shower pan shower bench closeup client 300x186No shower area is truly safe without protection from accidental slips and falls. We offer benches, grab bars, and slip-resistant shower flooring to help keep your family safe.

Our high-quality slip-resistant shower pans come in a wide range of designs, colors, shapes, textures, and sizes to match your bathroom’s aesthetic without compromising on quality or safety.

Let’s Talk Now – Free Consultation

Pinellas Park Shower Installation lb tb logo 3 e1623354098228 300x79To guarantee your satisfaction, we make sure that we take the time to hear all about your goals and needs for your shower installation project. So we offer free consultations so you can also ask your questions about our products and services, so you can be sure Bathroom Renovation is the best choice for you.

Rest assured that we will provide the complete package of high quality bathroom products and installation experts to provide everything you will ever need to complete your Pinellas Park shower installation in just one to two days.

Call Bathroom Renovation at 727-335-2166 for your Free Consultation with a Pinellas Park Shower Installation expert!


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